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Xi Jinping Touches Down in France Amidst EU-Ukraine Trade Tensions

Delve into Xi Jinping's diplomatic mission to France, navigating trade disputes, EU scrutiny, and efforts to bolster Sino-French relations amidst global challenges.

Biden urges Congress to end impasse and send aid to Israel and Ukraine

President Joe Biden urges Congress to end the impasse and provide aid to Israel and Ukraine amid rising tensions with Iran. The call comes after Iran's weekend attack against Israel, prompting concerns about potential escalation and the need for bolstered defenses in the region.

Trump Media’s stock ‘DJT’ rises for a change — has its best day in...

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. sees a rare uptick in its stock price, with shares rallying 15.6% after days of decline. Despite recent losses, Donald Trump's equity stake recovers about $280 million in paper gains. Meta Description: Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. experiences a notable stock rally, gaining 15.6% amidst broader market decline. Despite recent setbacks, Donald Trump's equity stake sees a rebound of $280 million in paper gains.

Uncovering the Kremlin’s Efforts to Conceal Russia’s Military Setbacks

August 10, 2023 Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin finds itself in a precarious position, grappling with the emerging controversies swirling within Russia's...

China’s Military Deploys Fighter Jets and Naval Ships towards Taiwan

August 10, 2023 TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — In a fresh and potent display of military assertiveness, China has directed a fleet of navy ships and...

Lawsuit: Halim Saad Takes Legal Action Against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

10 August, 2023 KUALA LUMPUR: Renowned businessman Tan Sri Halim Saad has initiated legal proceedings against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and two other individuals, citing...

Philippines Denies Commitment to Remove Grounded Warship Amidst China’s Claims

August 10, 2023 MANILA - The Philippines has once again refuted China's assertions, this time dismissing the claim that it pledged to remove a long-standing...

China’s Saudi Peace Talks Attendance: Impact on Russia and Xi Jinping

August 10, 2023 The unfolding situation surrounding China's participation in peace talks hosted in Saudi Arabia has cast a spotlight on the intricate relationship between...

President Biden’s Role in Hunter Biden’s Controversies

July 26, 2023 Two High-Stake Investigations Shed Light on Biden Family Activities In recent times, the spotlight has turned towards two prominent congressional investigations, each unraveling...

Demands for Biden’s Bank Statements Amid Impeachment Probe

8 August, 2023 Amidst mounting speculations, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has taken a bold step by urging President Biden to disclose his bank statements, aiming...